The result of passion.

Our focus is to always improve on the things we do well, while being a leader in bringing new solutions to the market. ANI has always been committed to making the most difficult things easy for our customers. 

Toll Free

Toll-Free means business. It’s an indispensable asset for your company. We will help you manage every aspect of that asset.

  • Retail/Enterprise/Carrier/Switchless Wholesale
  • Toll-Free Termination (outbound toll-free, 8yy)
  • Carrier Toll-Free Transport, TF Enhanced Services, Full Service RESPORG
  • Direct Peering (by CIC code, toll-free number [10-digit], Resporg ID)
  • SOMOS Certified Staff Team and SOMOS User Group Member
  • TDM and IP enabled
  • Routing and Electronic Interface to Every Major U.S. Feature Group D CIC Code
  • Professional Services (Set-up and management of all toll-free services)

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Voice Services

Superior quality long distance services using direct connections with OCN holders. ANI is a reliable partner able to handle any and all of your voice requirements.

  • Direct Termination Service** (1+ and international long-distance calling)
  • Carrier Termination Service
  • Switchless 1+ PIC’d long distance (Utilizing ANI's patented back office portal)
  • Managed Long Distance (automated tally and take down process to eliminate fraud)
  • High Quality ILD with industry leading fraud prevention

** Certified 1 hop and direct termination to ensure call completion and safe harbor regulatory obligations

Call Centers

Dedicated high quality network just for call center/dialer clients. Inbound toll-free and outbound termination services at wholesale cost. Our call center offerings come standard with ANI Networks patented back office reporting system that allows easy analysis of your traffic.

  • TDM or SIP connections
  • Pricing structures include postalized NPA/NXX, flat rate, or session based “All You Can Eat”
  • Service offerings with no penalties and no minimums
  • Thousands of ports available per client
  • Higher CPS options available