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Founded in 1993, the Associated Communication Companies of America (ACCA), is comprised of some of the largest and most influential Telecommunication companies in the world. The ACCA is a conduit for its members to share information and resources regarding the latest technology and industry trends. The ACCA is a self-governing, nonprofit telecommunications consortium, including Zayo, Inteliquent and Consolidated Communications.

“ANI Networks has been a valued partner and vendor to many of our member companies for over a decade, we are excited to have them as an ACCA member company”

Randy Lemmo, Vice President, BCMOne

“We made a decision to try ANI’s long distance termination product because we liked their unique model of how they terminate directly to the last carrier. Unlike other carriers that we have used in the past, they have minimized the number of network hops which directly increases the quality of the call. As an additional benefit, their support is responsive and cost structure is very competitive.”

Brian Healy, Senior VP — Northland Communications

“We are very pleased with our relationship with ANI Networks. Their services work well and meet our needs. The ANI team has been very responsive in addressing any of our concerns or questions.”

Danny Gray, CEO — La Jicarita Rural Telephone Cooperative

“When we were approached by ANI about inbound, direct traffic termination we proceeded with a high level of caution. What we found is that ANI is extremely professional, responsive, and easy to work with. The inbound direct connection works flawlessly, as promised, and it helped resolve some rural call completion issues our customers were experiencing. ANI pays consistently and on-time, and has been a pleasure to work with. We would do it all over again as I believe it’s a no risk proposition for rural Telco’s to work with ANI in a similar manner.”

Jim Becker, President — MIDTEL

“After implementing ANI’s Direct Connect product our call termination issues went down significantly, it’s clear that ANI Networks understands how to solve this issue for rural telephone companies. They did it for Adams! The result was an inbound direct connection that works, as promised. I especially like how professional and responsive their entire team is. They go above and beyond. ANI is easy to work with and consistently pays on time. I would recommend ANI’s no-risk proposition to other rural telephone companies looking for a solution to the call completion problems that plague our industry.”

Jim Broemmer, CEO — Adams

“I met ANI at a CCA conference a few years ago and they sold me on their ability to deliver LD traffic directly to our network as opposed to traditional means – since then, we’ve experienced a new revenue stream that we would not have otherwise. More recently, they devised a solution coined “SIP Edge” that allowed us to point LD traffic to them from our non-SIP enabled switch. Doing so has led to increased competition for our LD business and thus, lower rates. ANI is not your grandpa’s old LD carrier – they are versatile and cutting edge.”

Paul Rauscher, Director of Regulatory Compliance and Engineering — ClearTalk Wireless